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Curious How the Process Works? Get the Details Below!

Vintage Black-and-White Photo is Colorized

​Interpretative Colorization

​Early aviation predated widespread ​use of color photography (which ​came to market in the late 1930s), so virtually ​all ​photos prior to World War II are monochrome. ​Starting with a​ grainy, low-contrast black-and-white image, I add layers of color, ​using modern restorations and historic writings as ​sources ​for ​artistic interpretation.

Color Photo Rendered in Watercolor Style

Watercolor Painting

​With the colorized photo as a model, ​I ​digitally paint the image in ​watercolor style, with particular attention to details that give the ​piece depth and realism. I also ​add a ​background of interesting cloud formations ​or ​terrain ​​to put the airplane in context and accentuate the wonder of flying machines.

Giclee Ink Printed on Archival Watercolor Paper

​Gicl​ée Printing

​When I'm satisfied that the ​painting is finished, the digital image is made ​tangible ​through fine-art giclée printing on archival watercolor paper. The visible texture of the watercolor paper is a distinctive characteristic of traditional hand-painted ​artwork, and the heavy, 100% cotton paper ​base ​gives the ​print a physical presence ​very different ​from the feel of a ​regular photograph.

Sofa with Classic Air Prints Limited Edition 30x24 Hanging on Wall

​Large-Format Limited Editions

​Classic Air Prints ​Limited Editions ​are made in small quantities (20 or fewer) and available in three sizes: 16 by 20 inches, 20 by 24 inches, and 24 by 30 inches. Each print is individually signed and numbered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity. Limited edition prints are suitable for ​framing, and we offer a range of custom frames ​chosen to complement your art.

Classic Air Prints Open Edition Framed 8x10 On Desk

​Small-Format Open Editions

​Classic Air Prints Open Editions are ​made ​in 8 by 10 inch size, with title and signature ​incorporated ​into the printed image. ​Open edition prints are available individually but are best enjoyed as part of the Classic Air Membership program, which​ delivers you a new print each month to build your fine art collection. Express your love of flight with a growing aviation ​art gallery ​on your walls.

Welcome Kit Contents Ver2

​Membership Begins with a Welcome Kit

​As a new member, you'll receive a Welcome Kit containing your first monthly print, an archival ​portfolio to store your unframed prints, a full-color catalog of all ​Classic Air Prints images and other products, plus a bonus gift (or two!) to thank you for being part of our exclusive membership. ​Members ​also ​receive discounts on ​purchases from the online store, including limited edition prints and frames.

Classic Air Prints Gift Card

​Too Many Choices? ​Send a Gift Card!

​Everyone loves the gift of fine art. If you can't decide ​on an image, print size, or membership options, send a gift card and let the lucky recipient choose! You can give any amount between $10 and $500, and the ​redemption code ​works just like cash in the Classic Air Prints shop ​— spend a little now and save the rest, or use it all at once.


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