Limited Editions and Open Editions

A common question I hear is, “What is the difference between limited editions and open editions?”

Limited Edition Prints

For a Limited Edition, the artist chooses to create a predetermined number of prints and no more. The number can be very small or quite large, but in general, the smaller the edition, the more potential value the work has. Currently, Classic Air Prints Limited Editions are made in three print sizes, with the following edition quantities:

16×20 inch prints – edition of 20
20×24 inch prints – edition of 20
24×30 inch prints – edition of 10

Limited Editions are individually signed by the artist and also numbered, indicating the position within the edition — e.g., 3/20 meaning the third print of a total edition of 20.

Open Edition Prints

An Open Edition is, as the name suggests, an open-ended run of prints with no set limitations. The print is still a valuable piece of art, but it will not necessarily appreciate greatly in value like a Limited Edition print could. Classic Air Prints Open Editions are made in 8 by 10 inch size only, and the print’s title and artist’s signature are included in the printing itself to help distinguish the prints as Open Editions.