About Us

Classic Air Prints is a labor of love by artist and publisher, Christopher Lake, produced under the corporate ownership of my company, cmlStudios LLC.

The artworks you see are all original pieces, working from digital photographs from my own travels as well as public domain sources, enhanced and painted with specialized artists’ software, and painstakingly detailed by hand.

All the pieces for sale are giclée prints on watercolor paper (see What is Giclée Printing?). The art is produced in 8-inch by 10-inch size under an Open Edition printing, meaning there is no set limit on the number of prints that will be produced for that series. All the larger sizes are Limited Edition prints, and currently are restricted to these quantities:

16×20 inch prints – edition of 20
20×24 inch prints – edition of 20
24×30 inch prints – edition of 10

(These edition sizes are also noted on each print’s description page in the store.)

Other products, like greeting cards, are usually printed with standard offset or digital press inks and papers, and are thus not archival or collectible, merely enjoyable to have and use.

While giclée inks are durable and archival, they should not be displayed in direct sunlight for any length of time, as fading will occur (as is true with any pigment, such as dyed furniture fabric). Even with special ultraviolet-protection glazing, your art should be kept away from damaging sunlight.

Classic Air Prints offers individual prints for sale in all sizes, but the best way to collect our work is through our Classic Air Membership program. Members receive an 8×10 inch open edition print every month as well as members-only pricing on all our products, including the limited edition prints. New members receive a Welcome Kit which includes a portfolio to hold your monthly prints (if you’re not hanging them all on the wall), a full-color catalog, and a bonus gift, in addition to the first month’s open edition print. Your Classic Air Membership offers a considerable savings from the regular single-print price, and shipping is included. It’s the perfect way to collect your own fine art gallery of aviation prints.